Meet the fashion design consultants who will help make your brand and fashion story a reality.

We are group of fashion and fine art professionals armed with creative talent and a great experience. Let us advise your process or outsource your entire design & development to us.


Our agency story


FashionLinkNow is a team of fashion design professionals eager for new ideas in fashion industry and inĀ  producing fresh clothing lines and designs in the most creative, efficient and effective way. Whether you are a single creative with a few ideas or an established fashion brand, we use our expertise to meet your goals. We help entrepreneurs, designers, and established companies navigate the design and production process to create the fashion line of their dreams and also how to presentĀ  your finished product, line and design trough best campaign, look book, and other creative ways of visual presentation. Our team is made up of expert designers as well of great upcoming designers with great innovative ideas. We also help you in visual and marketing strategy, concerning your brand and idea.